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A guitar effect that alters the tone of the sound. Wah is used via a pedal to allow sudden or fluctuating changes in tone. It gets its name from the sound that can be made by wobbling the pedal back and forth.

Synonymous With: Wah-Wah

Wah Pedal

A pedal that is used to apply wah.


Another term for wah.


The middle part of a guitar body that curves inward. On acoustic guitars the waist separates the upper bout and lower bout.

Whammy Bar

The removable metal bar that can be attached to the bridge. The bar is depressed to cause a drop in pitch and raised to cause a jump up in pitch. Also can be used for vibrato.

Synonymous With: Vibrato Bar, Tremolo Bar, Tremolo Arm

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Whammy Bar Bend

Another term for vibrato bar bend.

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Whole Bend

A technique where the string is bent until the pitch is one tone higher (equal to two frets higher).

Synonymous With: Full Bend

Whole Note

A note that lasts for the duration of one bar.

See Also: Bar

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Whole Step

Another term for tone.