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The third thinnest and third highest sounding string on a guitar. Named so because it is tuned to 'G' in standard tuning.

Synonymous With: 3rd String

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The amount of increase in power a signal is exposed to. Determines the amount of distortion and sustain.

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A vibrato-like effect caused by flicking the Vibrato bar once a note has been sounded.

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Refers to the thickness of guitar strings. It can alter sustain, tone and flexibility. Light gauges are easier for bending whilst heavier gauges are better for volume and sustain. Light: 0.010 to 0.047 Medium-light: 0.011 to 0.052 Medium: 0.012 to 0.056 Heavy: 0.013 to 0.062

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Ghost Bend

A bend is made before the string is plucked and usually released to create a drop in pitch.

Synonymous With: Reverse Bend, Pre-Bend

Ghost Note
  1. A note that is physically acted upon but is not heard. For example the starting note before a string bend is performed.
  2. A note that has been muted to the point it has no discernible pitch. In the context of guitar music this would be a mute performed with the fretting hand, as palm muted notes still have a distinctive pitch.

Synonymous With: False Note, Dead Note

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Gig Bag

A case designed to hold a guitar for transportation. Gig bags can be padded and fitted with shoulder straps depending on the quality. A good gig bag should have extra padding around the edges (where most of the bumps and scrapes occur).

Glissando Slide

More commonly known as slides. Sliding is a form of legato (smooth playing) that is similar to hammer-ons and pull-offs. The technique involves playing a note and then moving the finger to a different fret, keeping the finger pressed firmly against the fretboard as you move.

Synonymous With: Slide

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Grace Note

A note that is not written in rhythm notation. Usually added as an embellishment.

Grace Note Bend

A bend that makes an immediate transition up to the desired pitch, without sounding the fretted note. The fretted note is written in notation but without a symbol describing note duration.


The word guitar is derived from the Spanish word guitarra. It is a stringed instrument that traditionally has 6 strings (although there are such things as 7, 8 and 12 string guitars) and can be plucked or strummed. Guitars can be acoustic, semi-acoustic or electric. Acoustics and semi-acoustics consist of a hollow body. Semi-acoustics and electrics are played with amplifiers via pickups.


A stringed instrument similar to the guitar. Used to provide bass in Latino folk music.