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An interval of 12 semitones.

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Octave Pedal

A foot operated guitar effect that combines what you are playing with a note an octave higher.

Open String

A string that is played without being fretted.

Open String Chord

A chord that consists of open strings and may or may not include fretted notes.

Optional Note

A note that does not have to be played. Usually refers to notes that are sometimes improvised by a musician.


An instruction in written music to play a note, or series of notes, an octave higher than what is written on the staff. Represented by the symbol 8va.

Synonymous With: 8va

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Outside Picking

Where alternate picking is used on two strings, the lower of the two being picked with downstrokes and the higher string being picked with upstrokes.

See Also: Inside Picking

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A bend that is wider than a full bend.


Achieved by a gain setting that is deliberately too high. A signal overload is produced and enhances or creates distortion. Overdrive can be produced by greatly increasing volume, even in a clean channel.


To record a section of music that overlaps a pre-recorded piece of music.