Fretboard Memorization Tool

Understanding the layout of the fretboard has many uses. It helps you understand how chords and scales are constructed, it allows you to find notes quicker, it helps you understand alternative tunings, and can improve your ability to improvise. The tool on this page will help you learn the notes. Just work out which note the blue dot is on and click the appropriate answer below the diagram.


E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D#


First of all you will need to understand that there are 12 notes: A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G#. See the lesson on the Chromatic Scale for more info. Secondly you will need to learn the note which each string is tuned to. In standard tuning the strings are tuned to E, A, D, G, B, E, going from the lowest sounding (and thickest) string to the highest sounding string. Learning where all the notes are on the fretboard is very difficult, but it will become easier over time. Try learning the notes on the dotted frets first and use them as a guide.