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A chord is a group of three or more notes, which can either be played simultaneously, or played separately. In guitar music we also refer to two-note chords (known as dyads) as chords. The most common example of this would be power chords, which consist of two notes a perfect fifth (7 semitones) apart. Below are links to chord charts of different categories, and a selection of relevant lessons from this website. If you are an absolute beginner I suggest learning how to read chord diagrams, then learning some beginner chords.

Chord Charts

Beginner Chords
Open Chords
Moveable Chords
Guitar Codex





Major Minor 7 Power Chords
Major 6 Minor 6 7 (with extensions) Suspended 2nd
Major 7 Minor 7 7 suspended Suspended 4th
Major 6/9 Minor add 9   Augmented
Major add 9 Minor(major 7th)   Diminished

Playing Chords

Basic strumming patterns
Exercises - Chord changes

Chord Theory

How to read chord diagrams
Chord formulas
Constructing and naming chords
      The Major Triad
      Minor Chords
      Sixth Chords
CAGED theory