Finger Stretches

Figure 1.

  1. Place all of your fretting hand fingers on the 6th string (low E), 1st finger (index finger) on fret 5, 2nd finger on fret 6, 3rd finger on fret 7 and pinkie on fret 8.
  2. Lift your 1st and 3rd fingers off the fretboard whilst keeping your 2nd and 4th on their frets. This will be hard to co-ordinate and you will feel a stretch.
  3. Place the fingers back on their frets then lift the 2nd and 4th fingers in the same manner.

Figure 2.

Hold all the notes down as a chord and keep them held against the fretboard throughout the exercise. It will stretch your fingers, which is good as long as you don't strain yourself. If it hurts then you should stop.


If this is too much of a stretch then try the same exercise further up the fretboard where the frets are smaller.