Backing Tracks

Playing along to backing tracks is a great way to practice rhythm, creativity, your musical ear, and it will help you learn your way around the fretboard. Pick a track from below, try and figure out what key it is in and play along. Do not worry about sounding awful, just jam along and have fun!


Acoustic Blues
A medium tempo, driving blues track with groove.

Big Blues
A medium tempo, bright and driving blues track.

Double Blues
A medium tempo, grooving, bouncy, and bright blues track.

Ophelias Blues
A dark and calming blues track.


Modern Rock Boy
A fast hard rock track with lots of potential for melody.

An aggressive, angry, dark hard rock track.

Rocker (AC/DC Style)
A steady paced hard rock track in the style of AC/DC.


Groovy Baby
A grooving, bouncy funk track. Get your funking wah pedal out baby.