Scale Interval Patterns

A scale interval pattern shows you how many semitones (frets on the guitar) are between each note of a scale. In the table below, S stands for semitone (1 fret), T stands for tone (2 frets), and T+S stands for tone plus semitone (3 frets on the guitar). In the diagram below the notes of the C Major scale are highlighted in red, showing the intervals between each of the notes.

Scale Interval Patterns - C Major Scale
Scale Interval Pattern
Major T T S T T T S
Minor T S T T S T T
Ionian T T S T T T S
Dorian T S T T T S T
Phrygian S T T T S T T
Lydian T T T S T T S
Mixolydian T T S T T S T
Aeolian T S T T S T T
Locrian S T T S T T T
Minor Pentatonic T+S T T T+S T
Major Pentatonic T T T+S T T+S
Blues T+S T S S T+S T
Spanish Phrygian S T+S S T S T T