Hand Labelling

In order to make the process of teaching and learning guitar easier there are standard ways of labelling the fingers on each hand. The hand that holds the plectrum and hits the strings is called the picking hand or the strumming hand, this will be the right hand for most of you. The hand that holds down the strings on the fretboard is called the fretting hand (the left hand).

Left hand

The fretting hand fingers are referred to by the following names:

Right Hand

The picking hand fingers can also labelled in order to indicate which fingers you should use when fingerpicking (using fingers instead of a plectrum). They are labelled using pima directions.

In case you wanted to know: p=pulgar (thumb), i=indice (index finger), m=medio (middle finger), a=anular (ring finger) and c=chico (little finger). These instructions are usually only given for pieces that are particularly awkward to play.