Anatomy of the Guitar

Acoustic guitar

Acoustic guitars amplifiy sound by allowing it to pass through the soundhole and resonate within the hollow body. The surface of the neck is called the fretboard. The fretboard is divided into frets by metal strips called fret bars. The bridge is fixed firmly to the top of the body and bridge pins anchor the strings in place. A rosette can be added for decoration, although, this is more common on classical guitars.

Electric guitar

Most of the defining features of an electric guitar are found on the body. Since electric guitars are amplified electronically there is no need for a hollow body that resonates sound. Instead, they use a solid body with a cavity in the back that incorporates all the electronics. To convert sound into an electrical signal there are pickups, which can be found on the body under the strings. On the body you will also find controls to alter the volume and tone of the signal.